Company Overview

company overview

Harless & Associates is a full service CPA firm located in West Palm Beach, Florida.  We specialize in accounting, tax planning, tax preparation, staffing and concierge services for individuals, families, partnerships, corporations, trusts, estates and foundations.

Our clients are both domestic and international and are from all walks of life.  Accounting services include bill pay and bookkeeping services with monthly reporting.  Our team of seasoned tax professionals are known for their expertise in minimizing taxes and IRS audit representation.

Our concierge services are tailored for individuals and families who need a trusted family partner to assist with handling family financial responsibilities and managing households.  These services include administrative assistance; review of staffing needs; home office accounting; investment portfolio review and analysis; arrangement of security and transportation; financial management of residential properties, aircraft, and yachts.  We handle all of these services for our clients so that they are free to focus on their quality of life.  


Originally based in Atlanta, Georgia, Harless & Associates was established in 1987 to provide personalized tax services for corporations, executives, small business owners and other professionals.  The business came about as a result of tax law changes in 1986.  As the accounting firm grew in clients, the firm found additional client needs in the areas of insurance, financial planning, investment management and securities brokerage.

In 2011, Harless & Associates opened its second office in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Based on client needs and local demand, this office expanded its offerings to include Concierge and Accounting based services.  In February of 2015, Caroline and Steve Harless sold the Atlanta location and now are focused exclusively on further developing their West Palm Beach location.  With national and international clients, West Palm Beach was a natural location for their primary business.   

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