Accountants More Concerned About Senate than Presidency

Thursday, October 13, 2016

From Accounting Today Website. Read Original Article

Almost half of accountants think that control of the Senate matters more to the profession than who wins the presidential race, according to a new Accounting Today survey.

The survey asked 328 accountants and CPAs from across the country this week which outcome matters more to the accounting profession, and 48 percent of respondents said that Senate races were more important. Only a third (32 percent) thought the struggle for the presidency was most important. (Approximately 20 percent didn’t know or didn’t have an opinion.)

They had strong opinions about who they would prefer to see control the Senate, with 49 percent calling Republican control of the chamber better for the accounting profession, and only 25 percent siding with the Democrats.

They were more evenly divided as to which presidential candidate would be best for the accounting profession: 38 percent said Donald Trump and 31 percent said Hillary Clinton.

Overall, the profession was only somewhat worked up about the presidential election: 37 percent of respondents think it will have a significant or major impact on the profession, 32 percent think it will have a middling impact on the profession, and 18 percent think it will have a mild or no impact at all. (Another 13 percent didn’t know or had no opinion.)